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Obama condemns pastor's "stunt"

WASHINGTON - Joining the widespread condemnation of Florida pastor Terry Jones, for his extreme views against Islam, President Barack Obama on Wednesday said that Mr. Jones' plans to attack the religion would be a "recruitment bonanza for al-Qaeda".In an interview with ABC News, Mr. Obama said, ther

Quran-burning plan draws worldwide condemnation

KABUL - Afghan police went on alert on Wednesday to guard against demonstrations triggered by a US church's plan to burn a copy of the Holy Quran on the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks which has drawn global condemnation.Tension has risen with the approach of the ninth anniversary on Saturday of

Islam will sooner or later dominate Europe: Italian priest

LONDON: Christians in Europe must have more children or else the continent would become Islamised, said a Vatican official who predicted that Islam would "sooner rather than later conquer the majority in Europe".Italian Father Piero Gheddo said the poor birth rate among Europeans coupled with waves

Obama to mark September 11 at the Pentagon

WASHINGTON - US President Barack Obama will mark the ninth anniversary of the September 11 attacks at the Pentagon, and Vice President Joe Biden will be at the World Trade Center site in New York, the White House said Monday.Officials had previously announced that First Lady Michelle Obama and forme

World's 'smallest' man tours Big Apple

NEW YORK - A Nepalese teenager set to be declared the planet's smallest person got the big star treatment Tuesday on a tour of New York.Crowds at Times Square jostled for a glimpse of Khagendra Thapa Magar who at 17 is the size of a baby and has stopped growing.The Nepalese teen was making his first

Hundreds of looted artifacts returned to Iraq

BAGHDAD - Hundreds of Iraqi artifacts looted from museums and archaeological sites across the country - including a 4,400-year-old statue of an ancient king stolen during the US-led invasion - have been returned to Iraq and were displayed Tuesday.Iraq is home to relics of the world's most ancient ur

Pakistan races to protect two towns from surging floods

Karachi: Pakistani authorities were Monday racing to protect two southern towns and their 360,000 residents from surging floods, as the nation struggles to cope with its worst natural disaster in living memory.A month-and-a-half after monsoons caused devastating floods throughout the country, submer

Three million people yet to receive food aid

Daira Dinpanah, Pakistan: Abdul Rahman and his family live under a tree next to a pile of rubble on a newly created island where his house used to be. In the month since his home was destroyed in the raging flood waters that inundated Pakistan, he has gotten no aid of any kind from the government or

Objects thrown at Blair before Dublin book signing

Dublin, Sep 4,2010 (AFP): Angry protesters threw objects at Britain's former prime minister Tony Blair as he arrived at the first public signing session to promote his memoirs on Saturday in the Irish capital Dublin. Around 200 noisy protesters had gathered for the event and witnesses said objects w