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BMJ (R) hosts Iftar Party

Riyadh - BMJ Riyadh hosted a Group Iftar Party on Thursday 2nd September in honour of Jamia Islamia delegation on their arrival in Riyadh. The delegation included Moulana Maqbool Kobatte Nadvi, vice-principal and Moulana Ansar Khateeb Madani. On this occasion a brief interaction session was held whe

Sameer Siddi Bapa charred to death in terrifying car accident near Jubail

JUBAIL - In a horrific road accident that sent shockwaves to Bhatkally community in the eastern province, Sameer Siddi Bapa (23) son of Aslam Siddi Bapa was charred to death and and his colleague Mr. Nisar Ahmed from Mangalore seriously injured after a Corolla car in which they were travelling crash

Kadli Arshad honored

Al-Khobar- correspondant for Eastern Province, Mr. Arshad Hassan Kadli have been honored by his employers M/S Zuhair Fayez Partnership for his outstanding contribution to the company. In an Annual Iftaar Party held on 29th August here at Movenpick Hotel Al-Khobar, Vice President Mr. I

Oman: Indian Community to hold Eid-milan

Muscat - Eid Milan, which embodies the spirit of universal brotherhood and unity, is an event the Indian diaspora in Oman always looks forward to. The Indian Community Eid Milan 2010 will be held on the day of eid at Indian School Al Ghubra. The open-to-all programme will begin at 7.30pm and will en


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2-پنچاد ائیکو سرکی . . . . امچو معاشرہ انی بڑھتی برائیو

از : ڈاکٹر محمد حنیف شباب گاویں حالات انی امچے مسائل اوپر اصلاحی نقطہ نظرین امچے مشہور و معروف قلمکار ڈاکٹر محمد حنیف شباب صاحبانچو ہو مضمون بھٹکلیس ڈاٹ کام چے ''پنچاد ائیکو سرکی '' کالم اوپر پیش خدمت اشے ، اپلے احساسات و تاثرات خال دیلّے ای میل ایڈریس ور فیٹؤنچے ۔ امچو معاشرہ انی برائیو ؛ سود

January 16,2004 - Naqsh E Nawayath

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