Real-life Sheldon Cooper? This 10 YO Hyderabad kid gives lessons to B.Tech & M.Tech students


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01:41PM Sun 11 Nov, 2018
There are two types of people who succeed in this tenacious journey called life. While some pick hard work and determination as their weapons to prevail, the others are just blessed with extraordinary talent. And Mohammed Hassan Ali, a young kid from Andhra Pradesh, definitely belongs to the second lot. Mohammad Hasan Ali is one such gifted soul, who gives lessons to BTech and MTech students in the city of Hyderabad. And believe it or not, he is just 10 years old. Like any other boy of his age, Ali’s day starts with going to school. However, as soon as the clock touches 6 in the evening, he puts on the teacher’s hat and helps aspiring engineers. "I have been doing this since last year. I go to school in the morning and I come back home by 3 pm. I play and do my homework. By 6 pm, I’m ready to go to the teaching institute to share lessons with civil, mechanical and electronics students.” According to India Today, the class 7 student has a specific reason for what he does. If Ali is to be believed, he got his kick while watching a video highlighting qualified Indian engineers doing odd jobs in foreign countries. Dissatisfied by the situation, the youngster took matters into his own hands. Beat that. “I was watching a video on the internet about Indians doing odd jobs in foreign countries even after studying. That is when it struck me that what is it our engineers lack? I realised it is primarily technical and communication skills that they are not well aware of. Since my area of interest is designing, I started learning and teaching the same.” But what comes as a surprise that Ali does not charge a single penny for his services to the college students. The boy who started teaching about a year ago, also dreams of teaching a thousand engineers by 2020. Heaping praise on his expertise as a teacher, G Sushma, civil engineer and a student of Ali said, “I have been coming here [institute] for a month-and-a-half to learn civil software. He is younger to all of us here but manages to teach quite well. He is skillful and good at what he teaches and it is also easy to comprehend.” Woah. While some people can just dream about it, this boy is already a winner in life at a budding age! Source: Storypick