First of the season; Seasonal fruit fig makes its way to Bhatkal market, here's's guide for shopping perfect figs


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03:49PM Mon 10 Dec, 2018
Bhatkal 10 December 2018: (Bhatkallys News Bureau) Seasonal fruit fig is out in the Bhatkal market, as the first lot of the fruit arrived in the market earlier last week, much to the delight of the lovers of the fruit and its full of fibre and calcium juice. The cost of the fruit in Bhatkal markets ranges from Rs. 140-170 and is available in most of the local fruit shops in the town. According to one of the local fruit vendor, these fruits mainly arrive from Chennai to coastal Karnataka, and claimed that the fruit doesn't grow in abundance in our state. The soft and yielding fruit is full of seeds, but the seeds are so small they just add to the unique texture that makes fresh figs so sought after. Most varieties are intensely sweet, so they get used in desserts but here in Bhatkal, people also tend to use the fruit drink juice of it, which is believed to promote bone density and is also high in potassium which in keeping ones blood pressure under check. Figs are a good source of soluble fiber which helps in keeping you full for longer periods of time and relieves constipation. And they are rich in vital vitamins and minerals: Figs are rich in Vitamins A, B1 and B2, manganese and potassium, magnesium, copper, iron, and phosphorus. But since dried figs are also high in calories, ensure that you consume little quantities of it on a regular basis. Ancient practises also consider dried figs as a good source for gaining weight in a healthy way. So to all those planning to shop the fruit, here is's guide to shopping the perfect figs;
  1. Avoid figs that look shrunken, are leaking or weeping, or have milky liquid around its stem.
  2. Avoid figs with any sign of mold on it.
  3. Figs cannot withstand temperature below 20 degree, with temperatures looming around the figure during nights lately, always make sure to ask for the freshest of the lot.
  4. Make sure to eat the shopped fruit within a day or two of buying as fresh figs wait for no one.
  5. Figs keep good in the room temperatures, exposure to heat will eventually soak its juicy juncture.
  6. They will keep a bit longer in the refrigerator, but chilling detracts a bit from their full flavor, so try to avoid it.
(Bhatkallys Special Reports Bureau/ Ismail Zaorez)