As Rahul takes the reins of Congress, he must learn from past mistakes


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04:20PM Sun 17 Dec, 2017
Amidst celebration and loud cheers, Rahul Gandhi formally took charge as the Congress president at a function held at Akber Road, New Delhi. No one in Congress opposed his appointment as president. Now it remains to be seen whether people of this country accept him as their leader or not. At present Rahul Gandhi has proved that if anyone can stand against Modi it is him. BJP failed to dub Rahul as ‘Pappu’ as Rahul gave many sleepless nights to BJP leaders, especially during Gujarat elections. Entire union cabinet had to encamp in Gujarat. Whether Congress wins the election or loses it; but the key factor is Rahul has made his presence felt. It gave the message that BJP leaders should not take him lightly. But it is equally true that Rahul’s personal success or his personal charm alone will do no good. If Congress doesn’t stick to its old policies or if it deviates from the principles of secularism he won’t make Congress’ victory possible. it is better if Rahul restricts his religiousness to his personal life. Public declaration of being Hindu is not befitting for Congress president. Rahul knows it well that whenever Congress tried to gain cheap publicity by playing ‘religion card’, it faced humiliation. Congress should seriously ponder over the fact why the secular people needed Third Front? Why they started calling Congress and BJP two sides of same coin? Why they needed to disown Congress’ hand and were forced to sometimes ride ‘cycle’ or ‘elephant’ on another? Now Rahul is shouldering the responsibility of ‘grand old party’. Congress has many tainted leaders. Party must evict those leaders. Rahul must keep in mind that scams and frauds have damaged the party very badly in the past. Hence he must choose the team afresh. It would be better if he ropes in his sister. She may give a new lease of life to Congress.