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03:18PM Mon 30 Dec, 2019
A wit enlightening conversation with Mr. (American) Mohsin Shabdandari; time served personality and a well known Industrialist. He was the first president of Jamatul muslimeen, Jamia Islamia Bhatkal, and a significant Patron of Anjuman Hami-e-Muslimeen. He also worked as an executive member of East Asiatic, Metal box(Global companies) in Chennai, Guest lecturer of Calicut University for 2 Years and started  Steel industry in Calicut. He is one of the founder of Aysha hospital, Madras,  presently serving as an administrative member; on a wheelchair at the age of 90. His primary education was completed in Bhatkal. Later, he shifted to Calicut and later to Madras for higher studies. He is a B.com graduate from Loyola college and completed his master's degree at New York University. His father Mr. Haji hassan was one of the founders of Anjuman hami-e-Muslimeen, who also served as it's president for 40 consecutive years. While sharing his years of expertise, he had an impactful message for the youth regarding the 'Change' that takes place in their lives and having the courage of accepting it. He further added,  "This world has been developing so fast, that we can't rest for a little time and if we do, the world will advance more rapidly. We need to be aware of current affairs, technology etc. Everything in this world is temporary. The thing which is permanent is 'Change'. We need to accept the change, from time to time. We need to develop, grow and learn all the new things life has to offer. The education system in olden days was very different than what it is today. He summed up the session with an inspiring message, "It's not important to be specialized in every field, Although we need to be aware of everything; we need to be specialized in the field which we are interested and passionate about." By: Junaid Jushiddi  (Student, Blogger and Photographer.)