WhatsApp to stop working on these Android devices soon: Unsupported version, what to do and more

06:47PM Tue 17 Oct, 2023

Starting October 24, WhatsApp will stop working on several smartphones that are running relatively older versions of operating systems. This includes smartphones from Samsung, Google, Sony, LG and other brands

Why WhatsApp will stop working on these devices
Every year, WhatsApp updates its compatible devices list or operating system version to keep the user experience intact. This year, WhatsApp has dropped the support for Android 4.1 which means, all the devices running Android 4.1 or older operating system won’t support WhatsApp.

How this will affect users
With this, starting from October 24, users running these phones won’t be able to run WhatsApp apps anymore or atleast the latest version of WhatsApp. It is also to be noted that the older version of WhatsApp will miss out on latest features and will also become more susceptible to hacks and breaches due to lack of safety and security updates.

What happens if the operating system is no longer supported by WhatsApp

Users get notified directly in WhatsApp ahead of time and reminded a few times to upgrade. Once the date arrives, users are either required to update their phone to the version supported (and if the update is available) or switch to another phone that runs the supported version (Android 5.0 or above).

Some devices that will stop supporting WhatsApp

Sony Xperia Z
LG Optimus G Pro
Samsung Galaxy S
HTC Desire HD
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
This time the change is only applicable for Android devices. On iOS, the install messaging app will continue to work on iPhones running iOS 12 or newer. On KaiOS users will need version 2.5.2 or newer.

(Source: TOI)