Speaker’s post is not religious or political, but a constitutional one: Speaker U T Khader

08:16PM Sat 18 Nov, 2023

Bengaluru, Nov 18 (IANS): Speaker U T Khader on Saturday said that the post of Speaker is neither a religious nor a political post but it is a constitutional post.

Talking to media persons over a controversial statement by Minister for Housing B.Z Zameer Ahmad Khan, Khader said: “The Speaker’s post should not be seen in political or in religious light. It is a constitutional post which transcends everything. The respect shown to me is a respect for the post and the seat. We should maintain the dignity of the post.”

Minister Zameer, while campaigning in Telangana, had said that BJP MLAs will salute before Muslim Speaker in Karnataka as the party has given tickets to 17 Muslim candidates to contest in the elections.

The statement had triggered a row. BJP State President B.Y. Vijayendra slammed Minister Zameer who had warned that he should be careful while giving statements.

Speaker Khader maintained that he won’t comment on others' remarks. “I am not selected for the post on the basis of caste or religion. I have been appointed on eligibility and on the trust that I work as per the Constitution. I give respect and in turn get respect. I am working as the Speaker representing all members. The Speaker’s post should be seen through the lens of caste or religion.”