Road accident on Talur National Highway: One youth from Bhatkal was killed and another was seriously injured

06:46PM Sun 3 Sep, 2023

Karwar: September 3, 2023 (Bhatkal News Bureau) A young man from Bhatkal was killed while another was seriously injured in a road accident that took place last Saturday late at night on the Talur national highway near Karwar. The deceased youth has been identified as Muhammad Samyan Gangavali (32), a resident of Bhatkal Shifa Cross, while the injured youth has been identified as Tanveer Ahmed, who has been shifted to Mangalore from Karwar with severe head injuries. Has been transferred to the hospital. It has been reported that Tanveer is now out of danger.

According to the information, these two youths were going to Karwar on a bike for some work. After reaching Karwar, their bike collided with an animal on the highway, as a result, both of them fell down from the bike, causing injuries to both of their heads.

Muhammad Samyan's dead body has been kept at his uncle's house on Jamia Abad Road. The funeral prayer will be offered at 10:30 PM in the Maliya Masjid.