Rabita Society to provide special medical services for bedridden elderly patients in Bhatkal

09:16PM Fri 15 Sep, 2023

Bhatkal: 15 September 2023 (Bhatkallys News Bureau)  In an initiative aimed at providing medical care to bedridden elderly individuals in the community, a unique opportunity has emerged in Bhatkal. Dr. Wasima Ayub Sidibapa, a healthcare professional currently serving in Muscat, will be offering doorstep medical consultations for elderly residents of Bhatkal starting from September 19. The initiative is being coordinated by the Rabita Society.

Secretary General Atiqur Rehman Muniri issued a statement outlining the program's objectives, emphasizing its commitment to delivering comprehensive medical support to bedridden elderly individuals. Families with elderly members in need of medical attention are encouraged to avail of this service.

To schedule a consultation, interested individuals are requested to contact the following numbers:
- For doctor's appointments: 9148448127
- Office contact number: 7899378300
- Contact manager: 7349642746