Police force armed with App, training to implement 3 new laws: Parameshwara

05:50PM Mon 1 Jul, 2024

Bengaluru, Jul 1 (IANS): Home Minister, G Parameshwara has stated that Karnataka’s police force has been trained in the implementation of the three new criminal laws that came into effect in the country from Monday.

Not just that, the police force of India’s IT hub has even got technical help to do its job right as an app has been created for the reference of the police until they become absolutely adept at handling cases under the new laws.

Speaking to reporters in Bengaluru, HM Parameshwara said on Monday, "From today onwards, cases will be booked under the new laws. We have trained our personnel accordingly, from Constables to senior officers.

“We have also created an app that officers can refer to whenever they need. The success or failure of the new laws won't be known immediately. After cases are registered, it remains to be seen how the courts will view them.

“This is a legally testing time. The new laws are being implemented across the country, and results will come from all regions. Once we have the outcome, there will be scope for discussion in favour of or against the laws."

He added that if any failures are found, corrective measures would be taken.

“This was being debated for many years, and it is finally being implemented. The laws, which were framed during the British rule, have been modified somewhat. An app has been provided to the police in Karnataka to aid in their work,” he stated.

The laws have also been framed to handle issues related to inter-district transfers. Guidelines will be formed to accommodate husbands and wives and personnel with health issues to work in their native places.

Once the guidelines are formed, police personnel can submit their applications regarding their transfers, he maintained.

When asked about BJP senior leaders' claims of collapse of the Karnataka government, he said, "They claim there is a fight between the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister. They will come out with their own agenda. We have given our word to the people, and we are delivering."

When asked about the tribal welfare Board case, he said, "Whoever is guilty, including government officers or politicians, will face action as per law. The CBI is investigating the case from a banking angle, while the Special Investigation Team is probing what went wrong in the department. Finally, the probe reports will have to be the same."

When asked about BJP's plan to lay siege to the CM's residence demanding resignations of Medical Education Minister Sharan Prakash Patil and Tribal Welfare Board Chairman and Congress MLA Basavaraj Daddal, he said, "During the course of the investigation, many names will naturally come up. Action will be taken based on the report once the investigation is completed. If involvement of other persons is found, action will be taken against them as well."