Painting with Islamic symbols at Hindu religious centre in Kolar, one held

09:55PM Wed 20 Sep, 2023

Kolar, Sep 20 (IANS): A man has been arrested for colouring boulders in green and drawing Islamic symbols atop a hill in a painting at Hindu pilgrimage centre in the district.

The arrested person has been identified as Anwar a.k.a Pyarejaan, a resident of Paparajanahalli in Kolar Rural police station limits.

Police said the officials of the Forest department had lodged a complaint against a man for constructing a room amid boulders and painting them in green with Islamic symbols on it. The land atop Antara Gange hill belonging to the Forest department is considered as a religious centre of Hindus in Kolar district.

The incident came to light on Tuesday stirring a controversy.

The police rushed to the spot, while the authorities had whitewashed the boulders and the Islamic symbols.

They said the matter is being investigated and questioning the accused on his intention behind the act.

Further investigation is on.

Notably, a large number of people throng Antara Gange hills located three kilometres away from Kolar to visit the ancient temple established thousands of years ago as per mythology.

The water comes out from the mouth of the statue of Basava (holy cow) throughout the year and fills up the holy kalyani (water body). The pilgrims take a bath before entering the temple.