Muslim vendor arrested for ‘selling eggs’ in Haridwar

05:52PM Wed 15 Nov, 2023

Local police in the Har Ki Pauri area of Haridwar arrested Nizamuddin, a resident of Muradabad, for allegedly selling eggs in violation of the law. The arrest was made after some people reported the vendor to the authorities, claiming to have caught him with 5 cartons of eggs and a sack.

According to Sanjeev Chauhan, the in-charge of the local police station, “The accused has been detained and sent to jail on charges of selling eggs. The arrest was made based on the information provided by the local residents, who handed him over to the police along with evidence of his alleged unlawful activities.”

The incident has sparked controversy, with some questioning the arrest and labeling it as an unnecessary action against a vendor engaged in a common trade.

Navaid Hamid expressed his concerns, saying, “Since when has it become a crime to sell eggs in India? The BJP-led Uttarakhand state police arrested a Muslim vendor with 5 cartons of eggs in Haridwar. No right-thinking citizen expects any action from @India_NHRC as the poor vendor is Muslim.”