Moulvi Hafiz Abdussami Nadvi is no more

10:07AM Tue 14 Sep, 2010

BANGALORE - Islamic scholar and former Imam of Kachchi Mamon Masjid at Mangalore Bunder area Moulavi Hafiz Abdussami Nadvi died at his residence in Bangalore on Monday after a prolonged illness.

He was 65. He was bedridden for over a decade after suffering a paralytic stroke. His condition deteriorated after the stroke as he had developed other health complications.

He was known for his melodious recitation of Holy Quran and was also famous for his Na'ats and Tharana's.

Originally belonging to Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh, he migrated to Karnataka in the early 80s. He served as Khateeb at a mosque in Arehalli in Hassan for two years before moving to Mangalore.

He joined as Imam at Kachchi Mamon Masjid at Bunder area in Mangalore and served there for nearly seven years. Subsequently he shifted to Udupi where he was Khateeb at Jamia Masjid for several years.

Besides being a Hafiz he was also a good orator in Urdu this attracted Bhatkali community in Mangalore to Kacchi Memon Masjid to offer Friday prayer . He was severe opponent of customs that has no basis in the Qur'aan or sunnah. His speeches on Seerath used to attract large number of crowds.

In Bangalore he served as Khateeb at Masjide A'la in RT Nagar and was also actively involved in the activities of Jamate-Islami-Hind in his capacity as member.

He was also a good teacher and taught at various Madrasas including Islamia Madrasa, Kudroli, Mangalore and some madarasas in Udupi and Bangalore.

He is survived by wife, five sons and four daughters. Two of his sons are religious scholars. Hafiz Abdurrashid Ahmed Nadvi is presently Khateeb at Malpe Aboobaker Siddiq while another son Hafiz Khaleel Ahmed Nadvi is based in Bangalore.

He breathed his last after Fajr Namaz at his residence in Sulthanpalya, RT Nagar, Bangalore. The last rites were performed at the Khuddus Sab Khabarasthan before the Isha Namaz. A large number of his followers, disciples and friends attended the Janazah Namaz.

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