Mankal Vaidya intervenes in Jamia Abad road garbage issue, allows officials temporary access to Municipal dumping yard

09:26PM Wed 8 Nov, 2023

Bhatkal: Heble Panchayat, situated in the Bhatkal taluk, had long been grappled with a growing issue of improper garbage disposal. The absence of suitable arrangements for waste management had led residents to resort to disposing of household waste along roadsides and open spaces. 

Consequently, piles of garbage had begun accumulating along various roads, including Jamia Abad Road, Mina Road, Rahmat Abad, Firdose Nagar, Haneef Abad, and other areas. The increasing trash not only marred the locality's appearance but also posed a potential threat of disease outbreaks, causing concerns among residents.

Officials from Heble Panchayat admitted that their inability to manage the garbage effectively was primarily due to the absence of a dedicated dumping yard. However, a welcome solution to this pressing problem was found through the timely intervention of District In-charge Minister Mankal Vaidya.

During a district-level review meeting conducted on Monday and presided over by Uttara Kannada district in-charge minister Mankal Vaidya, Advocate Imran Lanka, a member of Jali Patan Panchayat, presented three well-considered proposals to address the garbage issue plaguing the Panchayat areas.


These proposals encompassed securing a ten-acre forest land for waste disposal and garbage dumping for the Taluka Panchayat, granting temporary access to the Municipality's dumping yard for Heble Panchayat's waste disposal, and reserving an additional ten-acre land adjacent to the Municipality's dumping yard for future waste disposal requirements. These proposals, once presented, received approval from Minister Mankal Vaidya, who subsequently instructed the relevant officials to take necessary actions for their implementation.

Furthermore, the District In-charge Minister advised Taluka Panchayat Chief Executive Officer Prabhakar Chikkanmane to formally request ten acres of land from the Forest Department on behalf of the Taluka Panchayat. This measure, if successfully undertaken, promises to provide a long-term and effective solution for the Panchayat's waste disposal needs. To this end, Municipal Chief Officer Neelkanth Mesta reported that a written proposal had already been submitted to the Forest Department, seeking the allocation of ten acres of land adjacent to the dumping yard located on Sagar Road.

Additionally, it has come to light that the Taluka Panchayat has also submitted its own proposal to the Forest Department, aiming to secure five acres of land designated for garbage disposal purposes.