Ktaka’s 21 Influential Business Icons honored with ‘Gulf Karnataka Ratna Awards

10:02PM Mon 11 Sep, 2023

The Gulf Karnatakotsava, an event dedicated to recognizing the remarkable achievements of business leaders of Karnataka origin in the Gulf region, concluded with grandeur on September 10, 2023. This event was a significant milestone as it honored 21 outstanding business leaders with the title of 'Gulf Karnataka Ratna' for their exemplary contributions. The Chief Guest for this prestigious occasion was His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Maktoum Juma Al Maktoum, a member of the Royal Family of Dubai and Chairman of MBM Group.

The centerpiece of this event was the launch of a coffee table book that chronicled the exceptional accomplishments and unwavering dedication of these individuals to both the Gulf nations and their home state of Karnataka.

The Gulf Karnatakotsava witnessed a resounding success, with over 1000 attendees from diverse backgrounds coming together to celebrate the rich culture, heritage, and outstanding business acumen associated with Karnataka. The event served as a platform to acknowledge and honor the remarkable success stories of these individuals who have left an indelible mark on the economic and social landscapes of both the Gulf countries and Karnataka.

The highlight of the event was the felicitation of the 21 distinguished individuals who received the prestigious 'Gulf Karnataka Ratna Awards.' These business icons, representing a wide range of industries, not only achieved remarkable success but also made significant contributions to the welfare of their communities and the advancement of Karnataka.

The list of notable icons featured in the coffee table book and ‘Gulf Karnataka Ratna 2023’ awardees included Dr. Thumbay Moideen, emerging as the number one contributor in Medical Education and Healthcare sector of UAE. Notably he’s the only businessman from Karnataka who holds the distinction of being world’s only businessman from Karnataka to own a private medical University outside of India, the leader in healthcare and medical education in UAE. Other awardees included: Hidayatullah Abbas, Founder & Chairman, Hidayath Group; Mohammed Meeran, Chairman of EMCO International and Electric Way; James Mendonca, Founder & Chairman, Reliable Group of Companies; Nissar Ahmed, Chairman, Nash Engineering; Ramchandra Hegde, Managing Director, Spraytek Coatings; Joseph Mathias, Managing Director, Merit Freight Systems; Vasudeva Bhat Puthige, Owner, Venus Group of Restaurants; Mohammed Naveed Magundi, Intignis Naveed Company; Mansoor Ahmed, Chairman, Saara Group; M. Syed Khalil, Founder Chairman, K&K Enterprises; Michael D’Souza, Managing Director, Ivory Grand Real Estate; Ibrahim Gadiyar, Managing Director - Gadiyar Group of Companies and Director Projects - Pantheon Development Group; Dr. B.K Yousuf, Executive Chairman, Air Chateau International; Dr. Sathish P Chandra, CEO, Global Tech Park; Zafrullah Khan Mandya Chairman and Founder, ZGC Global / Zain Group of Hotels; Devid Frank Fernandes, Chancellor General MEA, Peace Ambassador & Chief of Mission (UAE) ICDRHRP IGO, Martin Aranha, Managing Director, Globelink West Star Shipping, John Sunil, Group Chief Executive Officer, Burjeel Holdings, Mohammed Ashif, Co-president and CEO, Expertise contracting and Ravi Shetty, Managing Director, Advanced Technical Services. Their stories of perseverance, innovation, and commitment to excellence served as an inspiration to all attendees. 

The Gulf Karnatakotsava was not just about awards and accolades; it was a true celebration of Karnataka's vibrant culture and artistic heritage. The event featured a captivating blend of cultural performances, musical concerts, and comedy acts that left the audience enthralled. Traditional dances such as Pili Vesha were showcased, transporting the audience to the heart of Karnataka.

The musical segment of the event witnessed renowned artists and musicians such as, Santosh Venky, Guru Kiran and noted playback singer Chaitra HG, was a testament to the harmonious coexistence of cultures and the bond between Karnataka and the Gulf countries. Comedy, often regarded as the universal language of laughter, also played a pivotal role in the event. Comedian Kannada actors Prakash Thuminad and Deepak Rai Panaje had the audience in splits, providing moments of pure joy and amusement amidst the grandeur of the evening.

The Gulf Karnatakotsava was a celebration of success and a testament to the strong ties between Karnataka and the Gulf countries. It highlighted the importance of recognizing and honoring the contributions of individuals who have bridged the gap between these two regions, fostering cultural exchange, economic growth, and mutual understanding. As the curtains closed on the Gulf Karnatakotsava, it left behind a legacy of inspiration and pride. The 'Gulf Karnataka Ratna' awardees serve as an encouragement for aspiring entrepreneurs and a reminder that Karnataka's heritage and success stories continue to shine on the global stage.

(Source: Vartha Bharathi English News)