08:34AM Tue 14 Sep, 2010

Kuwait - Karnataka Muslim Welfare Association (KMWA ) Kuwait, a subsidiary of IMA-Kuwait, organized an educational and amusing Eid Al-Fitr (Festival of Fast-breaking) Get-Together function at Kuwait Indian Community School auditorium on Sunday evening 12th Sept. 2010 in Salmiya, Kuwait. This entertaining event with the message of "Protect yourself & your progeny from hell fire" provided an interesting moment for hundreds of Indian expatriate gathering hailing from Karnataka State.

Shaikh Mohammed Daniel, Supervisor of Emanway Foundation's English Section and Founding Director of Cordoba Academy, in his keynote address during the Eid ceremony spoke eloquently and enthused the audience to consider the purpose of their existence in this world and to act towards establishing it. He further emphasized that the human being is a noble creature, blessed with intellect and senses, but when they choose not to use these senses and remain heedless and careless, they become worse than animals. He finally ended by reminding everyone about this ephemeral life and to prepare for one's final abode - the Hereafter.

World famous Nasheed artist Abdullah Rolle from U.K. enthralled the audience with his hit nasheeds like Praise to Allah, Peace, Children of War, No more bloodshed no more killing.....etc. Hasan Yusuf, President of KMWA in his opening address welcomed the gathering and thanked Emanway Foundation for its cooperation in facilitating Abdullah Rolle's performance in KMWA's houseful event.

The following children took active role in English, urdu and Arabic anasheeds (Islamic songs), recitation of quran, brief talks and stage plays:

Hamid Rashid, Mariyam Shaikh, Mohammed Aadil and Kiren Mohammed Khalid from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Saif Ali Taher from Don Bosco School, Huda Burhan, Ashna Iftikhar, Sana Amer, Fatima Yusufi, Sara Sadaf, Malak Ahmed, Nida Shaikh, Mohamed Javed, Ahad Ashiq and Mehek from Kids Play Group Farwaniya, Mariam Javed Shahna and Shuaib Javed Shahna from DPS Ahmadi, Safiya Isaq Sayed, Fawaz Ibrahim, Osama Ibrahim, Mohammed Ibrahim and Ahmed Ibrahim from Carmel School, Nawal Ibrahim from ICS Salmiya.

Sisters Haleema Patel, Fadeelah Ibrahim and Salwa Ibrahim were the hosts for childrens events.

IT team was supported by Jafar Saidq and Jaleel Ahmed.

Bookshop was arranged. Kannada, English and Urdu books on various topics were available for sale. CDs were also available in the bookshop.

Hasan Yusuf once again in his concluding remarks said that KMWA arranges this kind of "Get-Togethers" from time to time to maintain the gesture of our goodwill and unity among Karnatka State expats living here in Kuwait. He requested the gathering to become the members of KMWA and offer their whole hearted support to them all the times their future events.

Program started with recitation of verses of glorious Quran by Master Mohammed Ibrahim. English translation of the verses was done by Fawaz Ibrahim and Kannada translation was done by Jameel Ahmed. Omar Salar and Rizwan Ahmed convened the program. Snack was served at the end.

This get-together provided a homely atmosphere for the Karnataka State expatriates living in Kuwait and community members from various parts of Karnataka participated and appreciated the function.

News Report prepared by: Hasan Yusuf


Photoraphs by: Jafar Sadiq