In Message From Jail, Arvind Kejriwal Mentions "Brothers And Sisters" From BJP

10:21PM Sat 23 Mar, 2024

New Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal's wife and a former IRS officer, Sunita Kejriwal, today read out a message from the Delhi Chief Minister who has been arrested in a corruption case linked to the Delhi liquor policy. In the message, Mr Kejriwal urged everyone to continue working for the society and not hate anyone, even those from the ruling BJP which the Aam Aadmi Party allege are misusing the probe agencies. 
"Continue working for the society. Do not hate the people from BJP. They are all our brothers and sisters," Sunita Kejriwal said reading out the AAP leader's message.

"There are several forces within and outside India that are weakening the country. There is no jail that can keep him behind bars for long. I will come out soon and keep my promises," the Delhi Chief Minister added in his message.

The AAP chief also assured that he has always fulfilled his promises, and assured women in Delhi about the implementation of a scheme that will provide an honorarium of ₹ 1,000 per month to eligible beneficiaries.

"Whether inside or outside, every moment of my life is dedicated to serving the country. Every drop of my blood is dedicated to the country," Mr Kejriwal said in his message.

He added that he was born for struggles and is destined for bigger challenges in future as well.

Mr Kejriwal also asserted that India has to be shaped into the strongest and greatest country in the world. There are internal and external forces that are trying to weaken the country and these need to be fought, he said.

Arvind Kejriwal was arrested Thursday evening hours after the Delhi High Court refused to grant him protection from arrest. A team of 12 officials rushed to his residence, where they questioned him, seized documents and other materials, and then, at 9 pm, arrested the three-time Chief Minister.

Mr Kejriwal has been arrested in the Delhi liquor policy scam case; the central agency has accused the AAP leader of being a "conspirator". The ED believes the now-scrapped policy provided an impossibly high profit margin of nearly 185 per cent for retailers and 12 per cent for wholesalers.

The AAP has insisted that Mr Kejriwal will function as the head of government, even if it meant doing so from inside jail.