Hajj 2023: Special fitness training for women, yoga session happening before going on Haj, know why?

11:52AM Wed 3 May, 2023

New Delhi. This time, yoga sessions are being conducted for women and men going on Hajj (2023) to stay fit. The special thing is that this year a large number of women are going on Haj. According to Delhi Haj Committee Chairperson Kausar Jahan, in the last few years there has been awareness about fitness across the country, in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi has contributed a lot. Learning from him, fitness mantras are being given to the Hajis. For this, a special session is being organized by the Haj Committee. A large number of women and men participated in the yoga session on Wednesday. A special trainer has been arranged for this session. Physical training being given to Hajis In fact, Saudi Arab I have dry area. There is a lot of walking during Hajj. It has been observed that blood circulation decreases due to lack of oxygen in those who go on Hajj. Dizziness is common in blood flow problems. There is a problem of dryness. In such a situation, it is necessary for those going on Haj to stay fit. To overcome this problem, physical training is being given.   Preparation to send more than 3000 people for Haj from Delhi itself This time there is a plan to send more than 3000 people on Haj from Delhi only. The first phase of Haj pilgrimage will start from May 21 and the second phase from June 7. The first flight of Haj pilgrimage will leave on May 21. In the first phase, flights of Haj pilgrims will go from May 21 to June 6. Haj pilgrimage is going to be of 45 to 50 days. Most passengers will leave from Lucknow and Delhi airports. The special thing is that this year 40 women are going from Delhi for Haj Baitullah without Mahram, which is the highest compared to the number of previous years. (Source: News18)