Dubai: Man fined Dh50,000 for hitting diver with speeding yacht

06:28AM Tue 6 Sep, 2022

A 34-year-old man was permanently disabled by 45 per cent in a diving accident, after an expat hit him with a yacht. The accident occurred in Palm Deira, neal the island Umm Al Hatab. The victim said he was practising diving with his friends when a speeding yacht came and hit him. He attempted to move away from the yacht after getting hit in the head, but was unable to do so as the yacht's propellers pulled him. During investigations, the victim said that the yacht sped away after it stopped for a few minutes post the accident. Once the victim was hit, his friends and him saw him bleeding. He was then quickly taken out of the water and rushed to the hospital. The Coast Guard and police were also informed of the accident The forensic report indicated that the victim had suffered joint fractures, and his thigh muscles were cut. The injury permanently disabled him by 45 per cent. His diving equipment was also damaged. Another diver told the police that the group had taken all safety measures before diving and had placed a white and blue flag on the yacht before jumping into the ocean. The accused however, said that he only saw a yacht five miles from the location of the accident and denied seeing any flags indicating divers. The man has been convicted by the Dubai Misdemeanours Court, and has been fined Dh50,000. (Source: Khaleej Times)