Dubai announces world's first underwater floating mosque

09:38PM Thu 21 Sep, 2023

Dubai: 21 September, Dubai has announced plans for a Dh55-million underwater floating mosque.

As per concept images shared with Khaleej Times, one-half of the structure with its sitting areas and a coffee shop will be above the water; while the other is submerged below.


The world's first such structure will feature three floors, with an underwater deck to be used as the praying area. About 50-75 worshippers will have a unique experience of offering their prayers underwater.

This submerged level will also have ablution facilities and washrooms. Worshippers will have a unique experience of offering their prayers underwater.

Plans for the mosque were announced as the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD) in Dubai held a briefing about its religious tourism project.

Ahmed Al Mansoori from the IACAD, said told Khaleej Times that construction will begin “soon”.

The exact location of the mosque has not been revealed yet. “It will be very close to the shore … Worshippers will be able to walk through a bridge connected to the mainland,” said Al Mansoor.

Al Mansoor said that the mosque would be open to people of every religion, but visitors will be required to dress modestly.

“Visitors to the floating mosque to dress modestly and should adhere to Islamic tradition and customs,” said Al Mansoor.

(Source: Khaleej Times)