District Health Officer confirms 17 Dengue cases in Bhatkal, asks people to not buy medicine from pharmacies in case of fever

10:29PM Wed 25 Oct, 2023

Bhatkal: Following the alarming reports of two dengue-related deaths in Bhatkal, District Health Officer Dr. Ramesh Rao from Karwar made an official visit to assess the situation in the town. Accompanied by Bhatkal Assistant Commissioner Dr. Neena and Taluka Medical Officer Dr. Savita Kamath, Dr. Rao confirmed a total of 17 dengue cases in the region.

During the visit, the officials inspected the Bunder area and assessed the sanitation conditions. Dr. Rao instructed the local panchayat to initiate immediate cleaning of drains and conduct fogging operations to prevent mosquito breeding.

After examining the dengue-affected areas, Dr. Rao engaged in discussions with officials, focusing on the measures taken to curb the spread of the disease. He emphasized the importance of intensified fogging and maintaining cleanliness in the affected areas. The municipality received specific directives to pay special attention to these activities.

Addressing the community, Dr. Rao issued an advisory for individuals experiencing fever symptoms. He stressed on consulting a qualified doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment instead of self-medicating with fever remedies purchased from local pharmacies.

The meeting was attended by prominent local figures, including Vice President of Majlis-e-Islah wa Tanzeen, Ruknuddin Mohiuddin, General Secretary Abdul Raqib MJ Nadvi, Muhammad Hussain Kalagar, Sanaullah Gawai, Councilors Qaiser Mohtsham, Fayyaz Mulla, Abdul Azim Munde, Ashfaq KM, Municipal Chief Officer Neil Kanth Mista, Health Inspector Sujia Suman, and others.

The community remains on high alert, with health authorities and local officials working collaboratively to contain the dengue outbreak and ensure the well-being of residents in Bhatkal.

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