Custodian of Holy Kaaba, Dr Saleh bin Zain al-Abidin Al-Shaibi, passes away

07:58PM Sat 22 Jun, 2024

Dr Saleh bin Zain al-Abidin Al-Shaibi, the long-time custodian and key holder of the Holy Kaaba, has passed away, according to Saudi media. He had been suffering from a prolonged illness.

Dr Saleh was the 109th key holder of the Kaaba. Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman expressed their condolences over his passing.

Dr Saleh had visited Pakistan last year for a six-day tour, during which he met with top leadership.

The honour of serving as the custodian of the Kaaba has been held by the al-Shaibi family for centuries.

The duties of this sacred role include the care and maintenance of the Kaaba, opening and closing its doors, washing it, preparing and repairing the Kiswa (the covering of the Kaaba) as needed.