Bhatkally kids excel in Quran Recitation competition in Abu Dhabi

09:54PM Fri 29 Mar, 2024

Markaz Al Nawayath Abu Dhabi on Thursday announced the participation of Abdullah, son of Ashraf Ali Musba, and Firdous, daughter of Aftab M J, in the Qir’aat competition hosted by the Indian Islamic Centre Abu Dhabi Season 3.

The competition received an overwhelming response, with 260 candidates submitting video clips for evaluation. After rigorous scrutiny, a select few advanced to the online round conducted via the Zoom application. The competition comprised three categories: boys aged 12 to 20, girls aged 12 to 20, and adults above 20 years old. Among the multitude of participants, only 20 candidates from each age category for boys and girls, and 18 candidates from the adult category, qualified for the final round. Notably, both candidates from Markaz Al Nawayath successfully made it to the final round.


Firdous displayed exceptional talent, securing the second position in her respective category, thereby earning herself a prestigious medal and certificate of recognition.


Markaz Al Nawayath Abu Dhabi, executives and members extended congratulations to both participants and their proud parents through a press statement issued on Thursday.