Bhatkal Taluka hospital emerges as ray of hope against expensive medical treatments for Bhatkal residents.. By: Tahir Kazia

08:35PM Tue 24 Oct, 2023

Bhatkal: Amidst the prevalent health issues plaguing the Bhatkal community, ranging from respiratory problems to heart diseases, locals often resort to seeking medical treatment in nearby cities, incurring significant expenses for consultations, operations, and medications.


Many individuals take personal loans, gold loans, or sell properties to meet these costs. However, a recent revelation highlights the extensive healthcare facilities available closer to home.


The Bhatkal Taluk Hospital, often overlooked due to misconceptions about its services, boasts a range of advanced healthcare facilities that residents might not be aware of. The hospital management has taken steps to improve healthcare accessibility and quality for the community. Here are some key features of the services offered at the hospital:


1. Specialized Doctors: The hospital houses a team of specialized doctors with vast experience in various medical fields.


2. Well-Equipped ICU: A fully equipped Intensive Care Unit (ICU) operates round the clock, staffed by dedicated and experienced healthcare professionals.


3. Dialysis Center: The hospital features a state-of-the-art dialysis center with eight beds, offering appointments and extended operating hours for patients' convenience.


4. Special Rooms: Special air-conditioned rooms are available at nominal rates, ensuring a comfortable environment for patients in need of specialized care.


5. Maternal Care: Antenatal and postnatal facilities, including Caesarean sections performed by expert doctors. In cases where patients prefer female obstetricians, deliveries are conducted by experienced nurses.


6. Obstetric Ultrasonography: The hospital provides obstetric ultrasonography services, available by appointment.


7. Emergency Department: A 24/7 emergency department caters to urgent medical needs.


8. Immunization Center: Free immunization services for children are provided every Thursday.


9. Community Health Officers (CHO) Group: A team of trained BSc nurses conducts home visits for nursing management, free of charge. They assist with tasks such as bedsores management and catheter changes.


10. Medication Supply: The hospital supplies medications for homebound patients, ensuring continuity of care.


11. Laboratory Services: The hospital offers comprehensive laboratory services for accurate diagnostics.


12. Ambulance Facility: Ambulance services are available for patient transfers, particularly for low-income families, if the ambulance is available and the patient is admitted to the government hospital.


13. Diagnostic Facilities: The hospital is equipped with digital X-ray and TMT (Treadmill Test) facilities, available by appointment.


14. Cataract Surgery Camp: Monthly cataract surgery camps are organized for those in need.


15. Mortuary Services: The hospital provides freezer facilities for the deceased in its mortuary.


The management of Bhatkal Taluk Cottage Hospital urges the local community to take advantage of these services and opt for accessible and affordable healthcare within their vicinity.


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