Bhatkal Jamats in Gulf to offer free tickets to members to cast their votes

07:23PM Sun 28 Apr, 2024

The Bhatkal Muslim Association Riyadh recently made a announcement, offering free tickets to its members interested in traveling to Bhatkal to vote in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. This initiative was aimed at encouraging voter participation among its members residing in Riyadh. Following suit, the BMJ Sharqia region also issued a statement, promising to arrange free tickets for members wishing to exercise their voting rights in Bhatkal.


In a similar vein, the Bhatkal Muslim Jamat Jeddah also announced its commitment to sponsor the tickets of its members who intend to travel to Bhatkal for casting their votes. 


The proactive stance taken by these Jamats in the Gulf region is expected to inspire other similar organizations, both within the Gulf and in India, to extend similar support to their members. With the parliamentary elections scheduled to be held in Bhatkal on May 7, such initiatives are expected to ensure maximum voter turnout.