Bhatkal girl clears all ACCA papers in first attempt while working on full-time job

07:57PM Fri 19 Apr, 2024

Raihana Reem, a native of Bhatkal, has achieved a remarkable feat by successfully completing all her ACCA papers in her first attempt while working full-time. Raihana, the daughter of Noorul Ameen and wife of Yafees Damda, has demonstrated exceptional dedication and determination in balancing her professional responsibilities with her academic engagements.


Prior to her ACCA achievement, Raihana obtained her BA Hons in International Business and Finance degree in 2022. Her degree is accredited by the University of West Scotland. Within a span of just one and a half years, Raihana pursued her ACCA studies and succeeded in it.


The significance of Raihana's accomplishment has not gone unnoticed, as she has received accolades and congratulations from various quarters. Among those extending their wishes is prominent Bhatkal scholar Moulana Iqbal Naity, her uncle, who has conveyed his warm regards to the young achiever.