Bhatkal Community Jeddah elects new office bearers

07:30PM Sat 21 Oct, 2023

Jeddah: The election of office bearers for Bhatkal Community Jeddah took place on Friday. Qamar Saada, an experienced official of the Jamaat, was elected as President, and Faizan Shabandari as General Secretary. Ilyas Siddiqa was elected as Vice President, Tamim Ruknuddin as Secretary, Iqbal Gangawali as Accountant, and Nauman Ali Akbara as Finance Secretary.

Nineteen out of twenty members of the executive body were present for the election, which was held under the chairmanship of the former Jamaat President, Abdul Salam Damadabu, and supervised by Election Commissioner Rehan Kobatte.

It's worth noting that Mr. Qamar Saada has valuable experience in Jamaat work, having previously served as General Secretary for two terms around eight years ago, and he also held the position of Vice President for a term. Faizan Shabandri previously served as the Sports Secretary, and Nauman Ali Akbara has previously been the President of the Jamaat. Mr. Ilyas Siddiqa was elected to the executive body for the first time due to his active involvement in various fields, securing the position of Vice President. It is worth mentioning that both Iqbal Gangawali and Tamim Ruknuddin have substantial prior experience as executive members in the Jamaat.