Bhatkal: Boats collide in sea due to poor visibility, one sinks; five fishermen rescued

07:42PM Sun 19 May, 2024

Bhatkal, May 19: Two boats which went for deep sea fishing from Malpe fishing port near here, collided in the sea. One boat got sunk and all the five fishermen on board of the boat were rescued by other boatmen.

Maltidevi 11, the boat owned by Gopala Suvarna, a resident of Vadabandeshwara went for deep sea fishing on the May 16 night from Malpe port. When they were fishing around 12 nautical miles from Bhatkal, this boat was hit by Durga Boat on May 17 in the early morning due to poor visibility. The plank of Maltidevi boat broke and water began seeping into the vessel and the boat sank within an hour.

Fishermen Tandela Suresh Kundar, Kalasis Shankar Kundar, Shankara Poojary, Yogendra and Abdul Ghani Sheikh of Maltidevi boat were rescued by the Durga boat and Panchajanya boat personnel.

Maltidevi boat was dragged to the Gangolli port by tying a rope on both sides. But the rope snapped around eight nautical miles from Gangolli fishing port and it sank to the extent of about 90%. Around 2,500 litres of diesel, trawl net, engine and other equipment amounting to Rs 20 lac got damaged.

(With Inputs from Local Sources)