46-foot-long Whale corpse found in decomposition state at Honnavar beach

07:25PM Tue 12 Sep, 2023

Honnavar: 12 September 2023 (Bhatkallys News Bureau)  In what has turned out to be an unusual sight on the western coast, a deceased whale, measuring an impressive 46 feet in length, was found in a state of decomposition at Magalli in Honnavar. 

Marine experts have labeled this discovery as a rare occurrence on the west coast.

Marine biologists have identified the creature as a baleen whale, a species renowned for its substantial size, typically ranging from 10 to 102 feet in length. Baleen whales are distinguished by their feeding mechanism, which involves the use of baleen plates in their mouths to filter food from water.

However, there appears to be some debate among marine experts regarding the precise classification of this particular whale species, with some suggesting it may belong to a different whale species. 

The discovery of such a large whale carcass has drawn significant attention from both experts and the local community.