Bhatkal: Police officers injured as overspeeding KSRTC bus runs over them

07:38PM Sun 23 Jun, 2024

Bhatkal: 23, June 2024 (Bhatkallys News Bureau) In Bhatkal, two police officers, Kiran Kumar G Naik and Suresh Patagar, sustained serious injuries after being struck by a KSRTC bus near Sagar Road on Friday night. The incident occurred as the officers, accompanied by their colleague Krishna Guddappa, were returning home after completing their duty.


Reports indicate that the three policemen were walking towards the police quarters near Sagar Road when the KSRTC bus, allegedly driven recklessly, collided with them. The impact of the collision resulted in severe injuries to Naik and Patagar, affecting their abdomen, legs, shoulders, and foreheads. Fortunately, Guddappa managed to avoid injury by quickly moving away from the accident scene.


Following the collision, the driver of the KSRTC bus, identified as Bheemanna Jaggallavar, reportedly parked the vehicle a short distance away from the accident site before fleeing.